Whatever the basic need, MUST has been there serving and reaching out to those who struggle.  Some documentation is required in order for MUST to assist you and your family. MUST uses the Pathways non-profit database system.

If you have been a past client, updates will need to be made to your records so you will need to allow for a little more time on your first visit.  Each person in the family will be issued a Pathways card.  The head of household is REQUIRED to bring their card back each time in order to receive food.  If the head of household does not bring their card, they can NOT receive their food allotment.

At each visit, please provide the following documentation:

(Need THREE Documents; Copies not accepted)
     1. Pathways Scan Card (must be presented EACH TIME)
     2. Picture ID or Passport
     3. Social Security

(Need TWO documents; Copies not accepted)
     1.  Social Security Card
     2.  ONE of the following:
            Picture ID or 
            Birth Certificate or
            Passport or
            School ID or
            Insurance Card

(Need ONE Document from list below)

    • Utility Bill (Gas, Electric, Water or Telephone (hard line)
    • Notice/Letter from Government - State, Federal or Local
    • Signed Lease
    • Letter from Landlord/Case Manager (Letter needs to include the START DATE when you moved in and HOW LONG you plan to reside there.)
    • Receipt from Extended Stay (thru date of service)
    • A letter from the person you are currently living with or from whom you are renting a room.  (Letter needs to include the START DATE when you moved in and HOW LONG you plan to reside there.) AND a piece of MAIL with the Name and Address of the Landlord / Person (no older than one month)

Please Note: PROOF OF RESIDENCE should be no more than three months old from date of issuance or due date of payment; also, we cannot accept the following bills:  Internet, Cable, Cell Phone, or Medical

We thank you for your cooperation and are glad to serve you!