Almost half of those MUST serves are children, a heartbreaking reality in these desperate economic times. At MUST, our team of volunteers and staff members go beyond the basics to offer extra services to the 15,000 children we serve each year.

Toy Shop

Christmas morning is exciting for the 4,500 children whose struggling parents come to shop at the MUST Toy Shop. Children in Cherokee and Cobb counties received toys, blankets, stocking stuffers, hats, scarves, gloves, school supplies and a family game.

Thanks to thousands of donations, the Toy Shop is well stocked for each parent to make these special selections for their children.

Volunteers and staff who work in the shop during the month of December claim every family has a gripping story of need and a heart of gratitude toward the miraculous help received.  

“MUST has helped me in a lot of ways, including food and clothes. You particularly helped when I thought there was nothing else that I could do for my child at Christmas. Thank you for the Toy Shop,” says client, Shannon.