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Your Time
May Be the Only Help
Someone Receives

We Value Your Support

More than 10,000 volunteers are helping MUST Ministries achieve its goal of being Georgia's most respected servant-leader. Outnumbering staff members 80 to 1, the volunteers are at the heart of providing services to those in need.

Donating time and talent is a gift that cannot be measured on this side of heaven. In addition, many MUST volunteers also give financially because they understand the depth of the need and the careful way donations are used. It all works together to create an effective process.

Below you will find information about ongoing opportunities to serve as a volunteer with MUST Ministries. You also will find links to the applications forms for both individuals and groups. Volunteers must sign a Release and Waiver of Liability, both adults and minors.

Continuing volunteers must complete a mandatory volunteer orientation. Short-Term and Group volunteers will have a short orientation on the day of service.

Volunteer Jobs



These volunteers can commit to weekly or monthly continuing volunteer jobs.



Workforce Development

Outreach / Housing





These volunteers can commit to one-time or short-term volunteer jobs. These opportunities are perfect for students, individual scouts or civic organizations and families!

Donation Center


Community Outreach

Family / Offsite



-Corporate groups
-Church groups
-Schools/Sports teams
-Scout/Civic Groups

Groups – (Donation Center)

Elizabeth Inn

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“I volunteer because I believe MUST does more than just give people a place to stay or a handout. MUST tries to help them to get back to being independent.”


Helpful Resources

Volunteer Orientation

All continuing volunteers must attend Volunteer Orientation Online. Short-term and group volunteers do not need to attend orientation.

Click here to sign up for online orientation 

Release Form

Release and Waiver of Liability

Release and Waiver of Liability for Minors

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