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*NON-FOOD NEEDS: *New Mattresses(Twin, Full, Queen) *New Complete Sheet Sets (All Sizes) *New Bath Towels *New Children's Underwear *New Men & Women's Underwear *Men's Clothing *Shampoo (travel and full-sized) *Diapers Size 2 & Pull-Ups *Laundry Pods FOOD NEEDS: *Cereal *Rice (1 or 2 lb bags) *Pasta *Pasta Sauce*Ramen Noodles *Peanut Butter

*NON-FOOD NEEDS: *New Mattresses(Twin, Full, Queen) *New Complete Sheet Sets (All Sizes) *New Bath Towels *New Children's Underwear *New Men & Women's Underwear *Men's Clothing *Shampoo (travel and full-sized) *Diapers Size 2 & Pull-Ups *Laundry Pods FOOD NEEDS: *Cereal *Rice (1 or 2 lb bags) *Pasta *Pasta Sauce*Ramen Noodles *Peanut Butter

A Beacon of Hope,
A Place of Refuge

<strong>Emergency Rental Assistance Program<br>We're Here To Help</strong> icon

Emergency Rental Assistance Program
We're Here To Help

If you are a Cobb County resident falling behind on rent payments due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may qualify for assistance. The Emergency Rental Assistance Program can provide up to 12 months of rental and utility assistance, paid directly to landlords and service providers on behalf of tenants.

Cobb County Residents

Cherokee County Residents

Begin to Recover

Providing more than 78,486 safe nights of rest last year, MUST is a place to begin to recover from financial disaster, discouragement or job loss. Between the Emergency Shelter and Supportive Housing, MUST serves as a place of refuge for many in our community.


MUST Hope House (Emergency Homeless Shelter)- The MUST Hope House provides a safe sanctuary of rest for those who find themselves in distress. Open to men, women, and children, the 136-bed Hope House provides three meals a day and extensive support services including case management, workforce development, computer lab, recovery meeting, referrals and assessments. Call the Hope House directly: (470) 713-5017

Permanent Supportive Housing - Offering assistance to individuals who are chronically homeless and live with either physical and/or mental disabilities, the Supportive Housing Program provides long-term housing to more than 100 individuals. Through a Housing and Urban Development grant, MUST operates three programs in Cobb -- one exclusively for veterans -- and one in Cherokee. The program supplies a stable living environment with case managers for guidance, helping move clients to greater independence and stability.

TBRA (Tenant-Based Rental Assistance) - A program to provide direct assistance, including a rental subsidy helps make a difference between what a renter can afford and the actual rent. The federal HUD funds assist with rent, utility deposits/costs and security deposits.

Rapid Rehousing - A federally-based funding program that swerves an intervention designed to help individuals and families that don't need intensive and ongoing support to quickly exit homelessness and return to permanent housing.

Hotel Vouchers - In Cherokee County, funds are available to help those who qualify to be temporarily housed in a hotel/motel until a more permanent solution can be established. Occasionally, money is donated in Cobb to do the same.

If you have been financially impacted by Covid-19 and need eviction assistance, call 770-790-3926 or 770-790-3927.

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I was homeless and came to MUST for the food pantry. I didn’t want to take my newborn to a shelter and I was afraid DFCS would take my children. MUST not only offered housing but also helped me set goals and reach a few. I am going to make something of myself and it is all because of MUST!

--MUST Client

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I was homeless, sleeping under bridges and in cardboard boxes. My problem with alcohol was out of control. MUST Ministries took me in off the streets and let me know that people do care for the homeless after all. I thank God for everything he has blessed me with: shelter, love, forgiveness and freedom. Every night is like a dream come true. I climb into bed and say, "This is a gift from above!"

-- Doug

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Thank you to all who helped me with my rent. I have been very ill, and if I didn’t receive this assistance, I wouldn’t have a place to call home. The struggle continues, but I am so grateful!

--MUST Client

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Because of all the wonderful work by MUST employees, I was able to return home with my son. This will help me become self-sufficient and reconnect with my family. Thank you all so much for the hard work you do. The gas cards were very instrumental in my journey home.

--A grateful client

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MUST Ministries was there when we were in need. Because of my son’s cancer, things fell apart fast. We went from middle class to broke. In one year of housing stability, we have been able to recover quite a bit from the devastation of our family. Thank you!

--MUST Client

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