Jasmina Jovic thought she had gone from fashion to failure.

Jasmina Jovic cropWith a master-™s degree in textiles, an impressive career and success managing fashion design, she never dreamed she would be jobless, depressed and barely hanging on. But she was.

While attending a support group, someone suggested she try MUST Ministries for employment services. After two and a half years of being out of work, she had little hope anyone could help, but she reluctantly showed up at MUST where she met Nate Marsh and Jeff Edwards. That meeting changed everything.

The MUST Employment Services team helped Jasmina land a job that feeds her creativity and connected her with other women who have struggled financially.The Yugoslavia native has lived in the States for 30 years with an illustrious career, but today, she says she is finally -�home-�.

Working in the Glory Haus Repurposed on Purpose workshop, she is thrilled to be part of a group that makes creative items for celebrities, companies and other organizations. She is in a nurturing and caring environment and she laughs easily now, knowing she is moving forward.

-�MUST helped me put together my resume and cover letter, rehearsed job interview skills and helped me land in this wonderful place,-� she said. -�I have come so far. I had little hope. Now I am enjoying work every day, eating meals here with my co-workers and creating products people love to buy. This is wonderful.-�

A few of Jasmina-™s accomplishments:
– Initiated, designed, directed and launched Wamsutta-™s first -�bed-in-a-bag-�
– Prepared and launched Springmaid brand as Wal-Mart-™s first national brand for soft home department
– Forecasted home fashion furniture trends