Story contributed by Donna Vickory

The temperatures dropped sharply last week as the number of MUST clients rose, many looked for warmer clothing, blankets and comforters.  I am a new MUST volunteer in Smyrna and was working in the clothing closet for the first time.  A young father came in and asked if I could help him find a warm jacket for his five-year-old son.  The boy’s teacher had called the day before to ask that his son bring a coat to school or he would not be allowed to go outside for recess.

When I came in through the back door an hour earlier, the volunteer sorting our clothing donations showed me a child’s coat that was brand new with the tags still attached.   We both agreed that this Calvin Klein coat was a very special donation from a kind and generous person.  As the young father and I looked through the children’s section of clothing we couldn’t find a coat to fit him, suddenly, I remembered the new one that had been brought in that morning and ran to get it.  The little boy was so proud and the young father was overwhelmed.  He hadn’t expected to get something brand new.  I told him that he could shop for other items for his son, but he said the boy’s mother would come in to do that later.  He had come to MUST that morning just for a warm coat and left with not only that, but a very warm heart.  I did, too.