Baby photo for blogToday was my first day as MUST Ministries’ newest marketing intern. I came to the office expecting a day full of paperwork and other office duties, but little did I know, today would be the day that changed my heart forever.

I walked into quite a surprise. My supervisor, Kaye Cagle, decided to take me on my first tour of the MUST Ministries campus. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. I had done extensive research on MUST, but nothing could prepare me for what I was about to see for myself.

The first stop on our tour was the Loaves and Fishes Community Kitchen. When I got out of the car, I noticed a line already forming on the deck of the building. Homeless men, women and children were withstanding the cold and windy weather just to get a bite to eat. As we approached the building, I began to feel the warmth. No, the weather didn-™t drastically change. It was the people waiting in line and the gracious volunteers and staff that made all the difference. All with big smiles, they greeted us as we walked inside.

Church volunteers were busy at work, preparing the meals for lunch. After only a few minutes inside Loaves and Fishes, I could feel the sense of family. These people weren-™t just clients, volunteers and staff. These people love and care for each other. I could feel God-™s presence working in each and every heart.

What an honor to sit at a table with a mother and her eight-week-old baby girl. They were both living in homelessness. I normally get excited when I see a baby. Not this time. It felt like my heart had broken into a million pieces.

The mother told us her difficult story. As she was speaking, my eyes began to get misty. I couldn’t believe what this woman has gone through and that her precious baby girl was born into such suffering.

The woman surprised me with what she said next. She explained just how blessed she was because of MUST Ministries and its people. She was so incredibly happy that God has placed her right here – at MUST Ministries. I couldn’t help but smile through the tears.

As we left the dining room, Mrs. Cagle noticed that I seemed a little overwhelmed. I explained to her that it broke my heart to see so many people living in homelessness, starving and cold. My boss looked at me and said, “But thank God we are here for them. Where would they be without us?”

She was right. A person living in homelessness and poverty is a terrible and sad thing. But I thank our Lord that we have MUST Ministries here that can provide light in such a dark place.

My first day interning for MUST Ministries was an eye-opening experience. I witnessed homelessness and poverty. But I also witnessed God’s gracious heart working in each and every worker and volunteer.

I came home tonight and prayed for all the men, women and that eight-week-old baby girl living in homelessness. And then I thanked God for MUST Ministries.