Have you ever sat in a building surrounded by people and wondered about his or her story? Have you ever had the courage to go up to one of those people and ask, -�What is your story?-� In our minds, that doesn-™t seem normal. We are afraid to ask a question that big, but what if the response was to tell you about his or her life, because maybe on that day that person needed you right there in that moment to ask that very question.
A few weeks have past as the new marketing/ public relations intern for MUST Ministries and it is incredible that in such a short time my eyes have been opened to more than just the development side of MUST. When I initially got the position as an intern for MUST, I couldn-™t quite wrap my brain around what MUST does for their neighbors. When I was able to tour the Elizabeth Inn Campus, I finally began to get a clear understanding.
I took advantage of my time at the Elizabeth Inn where the welcoming Loaves and Fishes Kitchen was beginning to serve lunch to those who are hungry. I scanned the dining room full of many stories waiting to be heard and I sat beside a woman in her mid-thirties. She eagerly welcomed me to the chair next to her and we exchanged names. It was then I opened up conversation by simply asking her about her story. Her face immediately lit up from ear to ear, like a child on Christmas morning. She proceeded to tell me about her goals she had for herself, and you could feel her vitality and determinism. I was inspired hearing about how she lost her job, and had little family left, but she still had praises in her life.
-�If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash another-™s feet-� (John 13:14). This verse rings very true for MUST. I feel that even asking someone to share his or her story is an act of serving. The volunteers and staff at MUST are living out this scripture by serving and loving all people. It is astounding to see the time people set aside to serve at the Elizabeth Inn Campus, and all other areas that volunteers serve for MUST.
At MUST, the people are kind, the structure for each program is efficient and most of all it-™s faith centered. As an intern, it-™s significant to surround yourself with people who will encourage you and help you grow. I-™m thankful to be a part of MUST and the many things I will take away from my time here beyond marketing and public relations.