Ray Dyer-™s dreams of finding a better opportunity in the entertainment industry brought him to Georgia, but shortly after he arrived it became apparent those dreams might die here.

When the former morning show co-host left a successful radio career in New York for a marketing agency in Marietta, the last thing he expected to find was joblessness.

Ray Dyer

“Big Ray” Dyer on the air at V-103.7

-�I had my acceptance letter, my salary letter, everything,-� he said, -�but I got down here and couldn-™t get in touch with anybody from the company.-�

It wasn-™t long before Dyer discovered his prospective employer had gone out of business. With his wife out of the workforce, Dyer-™s family was left with no income.

-�We spent a lot of our money just trying to make sure that the ends met and the walls didn-™t cave in,-� he said. But even with help from friends, the accounts soon dried up.

At the suggestion of a friend, Dyer-™s wife sought help at MUST Ministries. The resources she received had become small luxuries for the Dyer family: a Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas gifts for their son, resume help and even a suit to wear to interviews. The help allowed her the freedom to finish her degree in network engineering.

Shortly afterward, Dyer landed a position in marketing for a local comedy club, and then his dream job as an on-air personality at V-103.7, an Atlanta CBS radio station affiliate.

-�Everything picked up because of MUST,-� he said. -�If it wasn-™t for MUST, I think we probably would have had to move back to New York, which was not an option.-�

As a way of paying it forward, Dyer started Marion-™s Heart, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing children with the resources they need to have a full childhood. He also spearheads an effort to collect clothing specifically for larger men, for whom thrift shopping can often be difficult, and the comedy club he manages conducts a yearly toy drive benefiting MUST-™s Toy Shops. -�I want to make sure that MUST isn-™t going anywhere,-� he said.

Dyer also works as a motivational speaker, assuring his listeners that hard times don-™t last forever. He likes to remember a saying that has stuck with him: -�A step back is a set up for a comeback.-�

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