expired food donated to MUST Ministries

Post written by Armida Silvani

What would you do-�?   Imagine yourself so hungry that you would eat anything.   Would you eat that warm plate of expired chili or that 1000th serving of green beans?   How about a hot plate of mashed potatoes and gravy that’s so salty you can’t eat it because if you did your blood pressure will skyrocket?

Donations are a wonderful way of helping the community.   Some think giving is better than receiving.   It makes us feel good to help others.   Those on the receiving end are usually grateful that they are fed a warm meal, or can take food home four times a year to their families when their pantries are bare.   It-™s a win/win situation that usually works out.

When it comes to giving almost anything goes. What happens; however, when donated items are expired or are the very foods that we do not want to feed for our own family? You can easily reply -�beggars can-™t be choosers-� or -�you  shouldn’t  look a gift horse in the mouth-� both may be true; yet, the question then becomes what is the purpose of our giving?   Is it because we are cleaning out our pantry or is it because we truly want to help?    It-™s not that the person receiving the food is not grateful for our gift nor that they expect top brand goods or filet mignon.   When we are getting ready to donate, we should ask ourselves… are the donated items  benefiting  the recipient, are these items we would share with our own family?

Giving is a wonderful thing.   The generous spirit of our country is one of the things that has made us great. Giving   becomes even better, and even more meaningful, when we give with true purpose.   We give knowing the recipient will truly benefit from our gift.