Brant and Holly Suddath are Smyrna residents and proud MUST Shepherds.

Brant and Holly Suddath are Smyrna residents and proud MUST Shepherds.


Every month we will feature MUST Shepherds who   are helping serve your neighbors in need through their gifts of time, talent and treasure.


How did you first get connected to MUST Ministries?

We first knew of MUST Ministries through the Gobble Jog and annual food drives at our children-™s school. We were convicted to give regularly to local charities, MUST is a well-respected charity and a great starting point for us.


How/Why does the MUST mission motivate you?

We live in Smyrna, and we believe we can truly help MUST -�serve our neighbors in need-� because there is a Smyrna MUST location where we can serve our actual neighbors with our time in addition to financial contributions.

Why do you donate to MUST monthly/regularly?

We were led by our church pastor who helped us see if we have more than we need, we should be generous and willing to share; and we needed a giving plan so we are not only donating our left-overs. Setting up a monthly donation helped us make our giving plan a reality. Our church does not have it-™s own extensive benevolence organization because it wants to support local charities who are already doing an extraordinary job of serving the community, and MUST Ministries seems to us to be a perfect example.

Do you have a personal experience that tells your MUST story best? (running in Gobble jog, volunteering at shelter, etc.)

  Holly has been volunteering in the Employment and Education services computer lab at MUST Smyrna since January 2013. At first she helped clients during open computer lab days, assisting with applying for jobs, updating resumes, and with general computer skills. In August, she began teaching a 4-hour -�Back to Work-� class to help MUST clients with job readiness, interviewing, and writing an excellent resume. The ability to assist MUST clients and work alongside other committed volunteers in the name of Christ is an inspiring and humbling experience.