How did you first get connected to MUST Ministries?

  I was an occasional volunteer through Mt. Bethal UMC in the 1980s and 1990s when I was a member there.   I never dreamed that in 2003 I would go to work for MUST full-time for nearly ten years.   Today, I serve on the Board of Directors.


How/Why does the MUST mission motivate you?

  My faith drives me to serve my neighbors in need.   I pray daily that God will open my eyes and heart to see where He is already at work so that I might join him in fulfilling His purpose.   MUST clients also motivate me to get involved.   I have heard and seen stories of faith in the midst of extreme struggle, perseverance and strength when life beats someone down, and hope when there appears to be none.   If you listen to clients, they will talk about how blessed they are just because MUST offers them the very basics of life.   It keeps me in check when I complain about trivial matters.


3)           Why do you donate to MUST monthly/regularly?  

I donate to MUST monthly because I see how lives are changed there every day.   I also know what good stewards MUST is with donors-™ gifts.   After working there, I trust MUST and know that every designated gift and undesignated gift is honored and appreciated.

Although I don-™t feel wealthy, by the world-™s standard I have been richly blessed in my life.   I wanted to give more than I felt that I could write in a single check.   When I looked at what I wanted to give and divided by twelve (months), I thought, -�Wow, that-™s doable.-�   I actually have it put on a credit card and pay it off every month.   I don-™t even miss it.   It is a great way to give and it is something that MUST can count on every month.

  4)           Do you have a personal experience that tells your MUST story best? (running in Gobble jog, volunteering at shelter, etc.)

One day I was at the Elizabeth Inn and passed a resident and just said, -�hey, how are you today?-�   She said, -�Honey, I am so blessed.-�   I thought -�How can she be blessed when she has nothing.   She is living in a homeless shelter!-�   So I asked, -�What makes you feel so blessed today?-�   She replied, -�Are you kidding?   I slept in a warm bed under a dry roof last night.   I have eaten three meals in the last three days.   Honestly, I can-™t remember the last time I had three meals in one day. Someone is going to help me find a job and create a plan for my FUTURE!   What more could I ask for.   Praise God!-�   It made me reflect on my complaining to my husband the night before how I was driving a ten year old car and wanted to get a new one.   And, when could we afford to get a cleaning service to help me keep up at home?   Wow!   That MUST client ministered to me in a powerful way.   When someone asks me if we are witnessing to MUST clients who are living in darkness, I secretly smile.   If everyone would just listen, I think MUST clients can witness to those who have so much and take it for granted.   I think the people in my neighborhood need to hear my witness more than MUST clients.   Many clients depend on their faith to get them through each day.

5)           Is there something we haven-™t asked you about your MUST Ministries experience that you-™d like to share?

  There are so many miracles I have seen at MUST.   I could tell you about so many things I have witnessed.   Most importantly, though,     MUST is an ongoing story of provision.   To know that through the community-™s response,

  • a ton of food is given to the needy each day,
  • that enough nice clothes are donated that MUST can operate the MUST MarketPlace,
  • that people are willing to donate time and finances to ensure that MUST can serve 34,000 people in need each year,restores my faith in the basic good in people.