By Kathryn Jordan

No one can understand the importance of a good playground quite like a child. 

Elijah first visited the playground at MUST Ministries’ Elizabeth Inn with his grandmother, Kaye Cagle, who serves as Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for MUST Ministries. 

He got to play on the playground at Elizabeth Inn,Kids understand the importance of a good playground and the image stuck with him. 

“There were sticking-up pieces of wood and the swing was broken and I really wanted to fix it,” Elijah said.

But then he got to thinking about presents and his upcoming Minecraft-themed birthday party. Deciding he already had enough toys, Elijah chose to give up presents and raise money for MUST Ministries instead. 

“He even decorated the donation jar with a little Minecraft decoration,” said Ann, Elijah’s mother. “He was just really excited for people to give.” 

Elijah raised a total of $57 to go toward improving the playground.

“He knows how much MUST affects children, so wanting to help more has been on his heart,” Ann said. 

Elijah, along with his younger brother, has other fundraising credits as well. The boys are proud owners of a lemonade stand that, thanks to a matching donation, raised $215 for MUST. 

“We were really proud of them for their efforts in that and also for them to see the success of it too,” Ann said.  

As they are at an age where they are able to understand the importance of MUST and its work, the two boys are quick to suggest it for classroom volunteer projects. Elijah is even sure to read the fundraising materials his grandmother brings home so he can stay educated about what MUST does. 

“I’m really happy that MUST helps children,” Elijah said. And from the looks of it, he is only getting started with all he will do for MUST and the community.

Kathryn Jordan was a Summer 2018 MUST intern.