You’re launching a new business and need to hire several dozen people. But your building is under construction, so you don’t have a place to conduct interviews.

What do you do?

Gary Fortenberry and Jay Wilson turned to MUST Ministries’ Employment Services.

Gary Fortenberry (left) and Jay Wilson found MUST Ministries in Canton to be an excellent partner when they needed to hire almost 60 employees for their brand-new Newk-™s Eatery on Cumming Highway in Canton. (MUST photo)“It was amazing -- they didn’t even charge us anything to host us,” said Fortenberry, general manager of the brand-new
Newk’s Eatery on Cumming Highway in Canton. “We not only had a place to do the interviews, but also had a partner helping us, an extension of us trying to get people hired. That was huge!”

MUST’s Canton Program Services not only provided nine weeks of free space for Fortenberry and Wilson, his store manager, to conduct interviews, but also MUST connected them with their own Employment Services clients who might be good matches for the restaurant jobs.

Those extra candidates proved very important.

“It’s a tough market here in Canton. We have only 2% unemployment,” Fortenberry said. “Normally you have 500-plus candidates to interview. We only had 175 to 180 candidates. We wouldn’t have gotten it done if MUST wasn’t there to help us. No way we could have gotten opened in time."

Fortenberry and Wilson were glad their job offers could help MUST clients who are getting their lives on track, and they appreciated having highly motivated new employees.

“We got some good people out of this,” Fortenberry said. “Some of the people we hired have had amazing outcomes.”

To learn how MUST helps employers find quality prospective employees, visit our Employment Services page.