oshaA success story shared by Beth Ray

Bert is a 50-something male with a high school education, no felonies and no mental illness or addiction, but he  couldn’t  find work.   He had always worked labor jobs, but after his last job, the economy crashed.   He finally lost everything.   He had no where to go, and came to the Elizabeth Inn last year.  

With encouragement from the MUST team, he attended the 10-Hour Industrial Safety program, an alliance between MUST Ministries and OSHA.   He proudly received his OSHA certification and a new pair of safety shoes at the course completion.  

When his certification card arrived in the mail, he went to a recruitment event at an area food manufacturer.   Card in hand, Bert stood among the many seeking an opportunity for employment.   By chance, the recruiter came out and walked down the line, saw his OSHA card and pulled him from the line.   He was hired making minimum wage, but was thankful for the opportunity. Recently, a new food manufacturer opened in the area.   Bert applied, again OSHA card in hand.   He was hired this time making $12 per hour.   He has been there about a month, and was excited to come back to the Elizabeth Inn and share that he has now purchased a car!  

Bert says it is the OSHA card that gets the jobs for him.   While that may help, the OSHA card gives him confidence and a marketable skill that sets him apart. He also had the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that he may not have been able to provide for himself. Thanks to MUST Ministries and the donors who support it, Bert-™s training certification and safety shoes helped launched a new, prosperous career. These life-changing stories are a meaningful part of the MUST legacy.