I will never be the same.


This time last summer, I was walking across a beautiful college campus in North Georgia. Everything was green and flourishing. I strolled past large, brick dorms housing students who seemed to have every material thing and walked on past an “all you can eat” cafeteria full of unlimited food selections. I was blissfully oblivious that just a few miles away, there were children who had almost nothing and were desperate to eat a meal.

This week, I met some wonderful MUST volunteers in Cherokee County and we headed down Bells Ferry Road with 475 sack lunches packed in a bright red pick-up truck adorned with a large MUST Ministries magnet sign. As we entered the trailer park, I immediately saw little faces start to peak through the curtains pulled over the windows. We only needed to honk once and right away, hungry kids surrounded our vehicle!  The same thing happened over and over as we traveled to neighborhoods right down the road from where I live and work.

As noon approached, our large number of lunches depleted to just a few. We were nearing the end of our route and had one last family of three children to serve. I looked in the truck as the hot Georgia sun beat down on us and only one lunch remained. I felt heart-sick. How could this have happened? I thought we had plenty. “I’m so sorry,” I offered. They smiled sweetly back at me. “Maybe tomorrow,” they replied, and slowly turned to walk back toward their trailer.

About that time, a man and his son started to make their way toward us, carrying two sack lunches they had picked up earlier. The man was saying over and over, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He explained that his daughter had picked up two lunches and so did his son, so they wanted to return two. All of the volunteers broke into wide smiles, knowing those two lunches were exactly what we needed to feed the last family. I was reminded of the words of a former minister of mine, “You always have more when you give.”

I can’t count the number of smiles and thank you’s we received as we traveled to neighborhoods, apartments and trailer parks all morning long. The children were so grateful, yet I knew who had benefited most. I will never be the same. Won’t you join me in supporting this important ministry and the many others that serve the 15,000 children MUST reaches annually?

Just click the DONATE NOW button and help make sure more children have food, clothing, healthcare, school supplies and other essentials provided by MUST. They’re counting on you to provide.


Seth Tuttle
MUST Ministries

P.S. A little girl came out to see us before we left. She was carrying three bottles of cold water and raised her tiny hands toward us to offer us cold drinks.  She had so little, but she wanted to share.  She taught me a lot in that moment.