Ayesha Barker blog 170628Ayesha Barker and her family moved to Atlanta in search of a better life. A relative took them in while they looked for jobs, but the relative suddenly had to move – and Ayesha’s family found themselves sleeping in their car.

Providence led them to MUST Ministries, where they found emergency shelter at the Elizabeth Inn. MUST’s Employment Services staff helped Ayesha’s fiancé find a factory job, and the family was able to get an apartment of their own. Before long, Ayesha also found a job.

Now she looks or every opportunity to give back. Her co-workers in a Home Depot call center collect food and pack bags for MUST’s Summer Lunch program, which provides a nutritious lunch every weekday during summer school break for more than 6,000 children – including Ayesha’s own son. She also has launched a youth program in her neighborhood to teach life skills to girls ages 10-18 because she knows how much difference it makes to know someone cares about you.

“Behind closed doors, there’s a lot of things you struggle with,” she says. “To have someone who actually cares what goes on, that’s really important.”

You can make a life-changing difference for families like Ayesha’s by making a donation or volunteering your time.