Between homeschool and vacation Bible school, Kathy Puder and her daughters, Jacalyn (23) and Sidney (13), have lots of experience with craft projects -" and an abundance of supplies.

Kathy Puder EI crafts 170728 (1024x768)The Puder family knows the joy of using what they have to brighten the lives of struggling children.

Their pastor spoke to his church about the overwhelming challenges facing families in crisis who have found shelter at MUST-™s Elizabeth Inn. The thought of those children stirred Kathy-™s heart.

-�We had a lot of craft supplies, and my daughters and I had been talking about ways to use them outside of our home,-� Kathy said.

On Friday evenings once a month, Kathy and her daughters join another MUST volunteer, Jennifer Vece, in welcoming about a dozen children whose mothers are attending a workshop at the Elizabeth Inn. They hand out supplies and show the kids how to turn popsicle sticks and rubber bands into catapults. Soon the boys are shouting in delight as they launch fluff balls across the room.

-�When a little girl climbs up on your lap and gives you a hug, it renews your spirit,-� Kathy says. -�I want my girls to know the blessing of reaching out like this.-� Most families have hobbies and pastimes that could be shared to make a difference in the lives of their neighbors in need, Kathy adds.

-�If you have the ability to do something, share it with others,-� she says. -�When you see the need, you can just step up to meet it.-�

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