Helping others at Thanksgiving

We see others on television, hear about them on the radio, read about them on various news sources.   The volunteers, the ones who give of themselves during the holidays before sitting with their own families, and for some, volunteering  is thier holiday tradition.

If you’ve been considering volunteering during the holidays to help those in need, at the Elizabeth Inn, you can contact [email protected].   Help is needed for all shifts, preparation, serving, and clean up.   All volunteers must attend a meeting November 3rd beginning at 9:30 am at the shelter kitchen to learn the proper procedures so everyone can be organized in the small kitchen and dining room. The minimum age to volunteer at the Elizabeth Inn is 16.   More details:

When?   Thanksgiving Day / sign up by October 31 / attend November 3 meeting 9:30 am
Where? Elizabeth Inn Shelter 55 Elizabeth Church Road, Marietta
More Info? Lavon Minns at [email protected]

If you prefer a volunteer opportunity more suitable for all ages, you can volunteer for the upcoming Gobble Jog.     The 10th Annual Gobble Jog is coming soon and It-™s Kind of a Big Deal!   Join us as we push toward 10,000 runners at MUST Ministries-™ largest fund  raiser and friend raiser! While you-™re running (or walking), you will  be helping more than 33,000 people struggling in poverty by assisting with  groceries, hot meals, housing, emergency shelter, employment services,  clothing and access to healthcare.   In addition, you-™ll be reaching 15,000  children who benefit from these services, plus the MUST Summer Lunch  and Christmas shop programs.   Come be a part of something important by helping with something that changes lives.

Your Thanksgiving Day will  have new meaning.