Welcome to MUST’s new website! We couldn’t be more excited!

The key word for this new site is ‘beautiful – and we mean more than attractive visual design. Our new format emphasizes beautiful success stories of life transformation – all made possible because of the support provided by our many generous donors and selfless volunteers.

This new design also allows us to showcase exciting MUST initiatives and meaningful photography in a more interactive setting. You will see a steady stream of client, volunteer and donor testimonies that will help visitors see the big picture of what MUST is about. Our news page also now provides social media sharing buttons that make it easier for our friends to spread the word about how their neighbors are being helped to break the cycle of poverty through MUST’s programs.

Other features of the new site: 

  • The “page crawl” at the top of the home page gives visitors a quick heads-up about urgent needs, upcoming events and important updates. 
  • An events grid lower on the page allows us to highlight strategic upcoming campaigns. 
  • Our website calendar is connected to our Facebook events to maximize social awareness.
  • A responsive design allows mobile users to access all the features of the entire site, regardless of the device they are using.

We hope you share our pride in this significant accomplishment for our organization and will help us share this news with your family and friends. MUST is taking a big step with this new site, sharing heart stories that demonstrate how our family cares for our neighbors in need.