She fled an abusive marriage with her children – one of whom had special needs. She was working three part-time jobs but couldn’t keep up, and they lost their place to live. A visit to MUST Ministries changed everything. 

Latisha Lewis fled a physically and mentally abusive marriage and escaped to Georgia. She found a job and was happy to live with her three children near other family members in Canton.

A family finds stabilityShe had a long commute. Her oldest has Downs Syndrome and between her job and mothering, she felt sick and depressed. Eventually, she was working three part-time jobs and couldn’t keep up. They lost their place to live … and were suddenly homeless.

Then a visit to MUST Ministries in Cherokee changed everything. She was thrilled to receive a 30-day hotel stay from an Emergency Shelter Grant and food for her family. Equally important, she received concern, compassion and encouragement.

“Some people look down on the homeless,” she said. “They think you must have done something wrong to cause it. That’s just not my story.” She was praying for a long-term solution and soon she was able to end her homelessness and enter her own apartment thanks to a grant to MUST from Woodstock City Church. She also got a job at DFCS.

“I am so thankful for the people at MUST Ministries. They were so encouraging to me. I don’t know what I would have done without the sweet, caring spirit of Kendall Jones, the program director,” she said gratefully.

“She is the model for what we hope will happen when a client comes to MUST,” according to Jones. “Not only is her life stable, but also she feeds the homeless at Hurt Park and helps at a soup kitchen. She’s giving back and teaching her children about generosity.”

Listen as Latisha shares her inspiring story!