I am a client of MUST Ministries Rapid Rehousing program and in December 2020 I went to MUST for help. My kids and I got out of a terrible living situation and we were sleeping in my car. I came to MUST and gave my information and signed paperwork that same day and we were put into a hotel room until I found a home. Honestly, I thought all hope was lost and I just wanted to give up. Ms. Ashley and Ms. Gibbs are so amazing because they gave me hope and much needed support to make me feel like I'm a somebody in this world and gave me hope to try a little harder! I really appreciate these two beautiful ladies so much for their help. They love their jobs, and both have beautiful hearts. After a few weeks, I got a phone call from an apartment complex telling me I was approved for an apartment. The excitement! Everything was taken care of for my kids and I. We are slowly recuperating and can finally heal our mindsets and hearts to a better and safer life all because of MUST Ministries! - C.W.