I had hit the lowest point in my lifeJust a few months ago, I hit the lowest point in my life. You think you-™re at the bottom of the barrel, then you sink deeper.

A single mom escaping a bad situation, I was living with my boys when our rental home was suddenly put up for sale and we were evicted. Health issues kept me out of work a while. I was pouring my heart out to a worker at the food stamp office when she told me to go to MUST.

I knew about MUST because I used to donate clothes there. Now I needed some help. And they gave it to me.

Thanks to the Rapid Rehousing program, I received a hotel voucher and soon got a job across the street. I was quickly promoted and getting stabilized so MUST was able to help me lease a duplex by paying my deposit and first month-™s rent.

That changed my life. That-™s all I needed. I am now able to sustain my family.

I am extremely grateful. MUST is a God send. I don-™t even know how to put it into words. MUST saved my life.

Blessings, Kim

P.S. Thank you, generous donors, for changing my life. Please keep helping others through MUST.