A few short true stories that have happened at MUST Ministries to show how God is good… all the time!   by Carol Hunt

One of my favorite stories about the clothes rack involves two high school boys who-™d been invited to their girlfriends-™ proms.   They were brought in by their -�Big Brother-� because they couldn-™t afford to buy suits or rent tuxedos.   One of the boys was of average build making it easy to find a good fitting suit.   The other, however, was a rather large football player who presented a challenge to the volunteers.   After searching through the MUST Ministries clothes on the racks, they found a burgundy sport coat, navy blue pants, white shirt and print tie.   He tried them on and looked terrific.   As he left he smiled and said, -�You know, these are my girlfriend-™s school colors!-�   God is so good!



MUST Ministries blogSally had just interviewed a young man trying to raise two children by himself.   His wife had a drug problem and had left the home.   He had lost his job because of not being able to find childcare and feared losing his home.   As he was waiting for groceries, a young woman Sally knew came in.   She had recently begun to do childcare and was willing to take on his kids free of charge.   That-™s all he needed to get them back on their feet again!



A large sized man came in to Smyrna MUST Ministries in need of business clothes for a new job.   As we were looking through bags, a young man came in to donate his father-™s clothes to us-"just the right size!