Post written by Armida Silvani

We were eating lunch and making casual conversation when my husband’s friend noted how much food is thrown out at the grocery store where he works.  His observation reinforced my knowing how incredibly blessed we are in this country to have so much food we can actually throw part of it away.  Most of us do not worry about not having anything to eat. It’s no big deal if the lettuce in our refrigerator wilts or if we end up tossing that bit of food that we did not eat for dinner.  Many more of us, including me, dread the thought of having “left overs.”  When hungry, we open our refrigerator or our pantry and there in front of us is plenty of food to eat. The idea that our pantry could ever be empty or that we have eaten every bit of our left overs does not even cross our minds.  Yet, for many people, especially children, around the world, not to mention locally, hunger is a reality.  The question then becomes how do we move towards balancing the abundance and the lacking?

MUST Ministries is one nonprofit that does just that.  MUST Ministries is the place where donated goods and funds get distributed to those that see their pantries getting empty and do not have any other way of getting them filled.  Can you imagine a ton of food on a daily basis going  to feed needy families in areas of Cobb and Cherokee counties?  It is next to impossible, isn’t it, but, it happens, and it happens with your help. It happens because people share their abundance. If you don’t already donate, you can help. Why not give that extra $20 you found in your pocket, and did not even miss, or how about giving a portion of your groceries, or what you would have spent on dessert and coffee when out for dinner?   Think, your donation can be part of the ton of food going towards helping to feed others through MUST Ministries and not the part that goes to waste.